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Check out hundreds of new card designs by WellWishes!

Summer is here… officially.

That’s right. Yesterday was the first bona fide day of my favorite time of year – known for swimming, sunshine and smiles for all! And you know what that means… parties. Barbecues. Grad soirées. July 4th bashes. Parties. Did I say that already?

What better way to get everyone in a festive mood than with brand new, brilliantly designed invites and announcements?

We just launched WellWishes and couldn’t be more thrilled!

Each and every one of our 5×7 Flat and Folded WellWishes Cards was designed and written by the Photo by Walgreens creative team.

You can find cards for every occasion – not just summer shindigs.

Perfect for the next birthday or team party bash!

Introducing vibrant cards for every birthday theme – from sports parties to Quinceañeras, pool parties to Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, and much more.

Honor the grad with a dapper design that shows off his or her unique personality.


Baby cards to go ga-ga over!

Beautiful wedding sets to suit any bride’s taste.


Have fun perusing all of our original WellWishes Cards.


Talk to you soon and happy summer!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Summertime and the livin’s easy

Lemonade. Baseball. Barbeque.

Whether you enjoy lazy Saturday afternoons at the beach, floating around the pool or family trips up to the Catskills where you meet a handsome, bad-boy dance instructor, practice the merengue and learn a little something about having the time of your life…summertime is just the best.

(blogger’s note: the last one hasn’t happened to me yet, but it will…someday. )

Of course, with those balmy nights come tons of cookouts and backyard parties, which give you a great opportunity to make the shindigs personalized to your liking. Here are few ways for how to do just that with Photo by Walgreens.

  • Create custom invites using the variety of summertime-themed designs featured by Folded Words™. You can personalize the text, which is a wonderful way to announce that your party will have that custom barbeque chicken or punch you’re known for.


  • Our new line of cards WellWishes also has a lot of great summer party invites to choose from, from barbeques to pool parties. Check out a few below!

  • Print out 5×7 prints with photos of the expected guests, fasten them to a string, hang them up, and voila! It’s an easy DIY banner that’s inexpensive and one-of-a-kind.

  • If you’ve got your camera out and you’re snapping pics throughout the evening, be sure to use the QuickPrints feature on the Walgreens mobile app – you’ll be able to print photos right from your phone and pick them up before the potato salad runs out.

If you have any other fun ways to spruce up your summer party, feel free to share them in the comments below!

Stay cool!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens


Photo by Walgreens Canvas Studio Pics!

You can check it out in OK! Magazine and Us Weekly – we even made it onto E! News. Let me share with you some fun facts and photos from our PR event at Third Street Promenade.

In honor of Father’s Day, Photo by Walgreens created a Canvas studio to engage consumers in our Father’s Day Shop by Personality experience, while showing off our gorgeous canvas prints.

And look who stopped by to say hi! Kourtney Kardashian and her son Mason, and Kourtney’s mom, Kris Jenner! I heard they had a great time and little Mason loved the props!


We set up four different backgrounds based on our four kinds of Father’s Day personalities: The Outdoors Dad, The Family Man, The Coach and The Working Dad. Shoppers came by and got free photos taken in front of our fun Father’s Day props and backgrounds.

Did you miss it? Well, I did too. But at least we have pictures!

‘Til next time!

– Marina, designer at Walgreens

Father’s Day Personality contest winners!

Hey everyone!

It’s time to announce the four big winners for our Father’s Day Personality contest! Each of them will receive a 50 dollar Photo by Walgreens gift card. The suspense is killing me…let’s get to it!

The winners are

Kathyg: “The Outdoors Dad” – Bass Master Extraordinaire

Tlbairnur: “The Family Man” – Saved Me – Adopted

Tnshrock: “The Coach” – Tireless Practice Partner

Klwl27_99: “The Working Man” – Built My Future

Congrats to all four of you! Be sure to email to claim your prize. And to everyone else that participated – we sincerely appreciate all of the heartwarming and clever entries and wish ALL of you a wonderful and relaxing Father’s Day!


-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Marina on Food, Part 2

Hey Marina, why make a photo book?

Creating a food album with a Photo by Walgreens Photo Book is the perfect way to store a collection of recipes or document your exotic travels. Wouldn’t it be nice to have YiaYia’s macadamia-nut cookies recipe beneath a mouth-watering photograph of the addicting treats? And Uncle Bill’s famous beer-battered cod definitely deserves a spot…

And, remember when you went to Antigua last winter with the fam and inhaled a delectable assortment of fish delicacies? How wonderful would it be if you could remember them forever? Now you can!

I actually made an entire food photo book after returning home from my last family vacay, (not only pics of the food, but photos of us happily eating it) and sent one to my mom and one to my aunt. When they received it in the mail, they were beyond thrilled. My ears are still ringing just thinking about their jubilant squeals of happiness.

Have you ever made a photo book with prints solely of food?

YES, YES and YES! Of course I did! I’m so glad that you asked. Last week I finished a photo book project I’ve been working on for quite some time. My friends and I were on a kick where we went to restaurants that started with a different letter each week. For example, week 1 was “A,” week 2 was “B,” and so on. I took a photo from each delectable dish each week and put them all in a book that I called “Feasting from A to Z.” I ordered four of them and gave one to each of my friends! Now we all have matching photo books and will always remember our exciting edible adventures.

Say what?!

Hay hay hay, I know!

What’s another food photo book you put together?

I actually made one totally based around the color yellow. That doesn’t mean that every dish had to be like a banana…sometimes it could be just a yellow flair. Or a dish that reminded me of bright, beaming sunshine. Basically, I wanted a big, bold color that pulled lots of different foods and flavors together.

This one was just for me. I like to prove to myself just how creative I can be. Is that so bad?


Great, I didn’t think so. :)

Thanks, Marina!

No, thank you!


Readers, what other themes have you made photo books around? Feel free to share below.

– Marina, designer at Walgreens


Movie Scenes…Recreated


Quick question: How many of you have ever leaned over the side of a rail, arms wide while yelling, “I’m the king of the world!!!!!”

Be honest…that’s what I thought, haha! Today’s post is about recreating some of your favorite scenes from movies and having picture proof of your shenanigans. The most crucial post we’ve ever done? No. Fun, silly and a great way to spend an afternoon? You betcha! Just follow these easy steps:

  • Pick a movie! It doesn’t even have to take place where you live…get creative! A quick search online, however, will show you TONS of movies that have probably been shot close to wherever you’re at.
  • Choose your scene to recreate. Try to make it iconic- four friends skipping along a brick road works perfectly!
  • Find a friend (or friends) willing to participate. Preferably, ones with very few responsibilities
  • Scout a location. If you’re already near where your reenacted scene took place, that’s great! If you’re not, that’s fine too. Just make sure that if you dress up like Roman gladiators there isn’t a mall in the background. Or, what the heck, go for it and use creative license.
  • Start shooting!

I actually took a series of photos reenacting my favorite flicks all over town and uploaded them to my account. I then turned them into an 8.5×11 Classic Photo Book- as you can imagine it always ends up being quite the conversation starter whenever I have company over. Collage Prints and Collage Calendars also are a

perfect way to show off your cinematic shots.

Cut! That’s a wrap! :)

-Marina , designer at Walgreens

P.S. Try to guess which movies the photo team recreated below.