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End of Summer Inspiration

Oh, hey there.

Ah, summer. Can you believe it’s already the end of July? I can’t believe summer is already more than half way done. Today’s post is going to be all about warm weather inspiration. Staying inspired. It’s about making the most out your summer as you count down the days to school, colder temperatures and fall.

Here are a few things at Photo by Walgreens that hopefully keep you in the summer spirit.

Clockwise (left to right): Glass Print, Designer Calendar, Banner, Canvas Print, 4×6 Prints


My favorite songs of summer? I’m so glad you asked. :)

1) The Boys of Summer, Don Henley

2) Summertime, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

3) Good Vibrations, Beach Boys

4) Cruel Summer, Bananarama

5) Summer of ’69, Bryan Adams

6) Wipe Out, The Surfaris

7) Summer Girls, LFO

8) All Summer Long, Kid Rock

9) The Last Dance, Donna Summer

10) Summer Love, Justin Timberlake


Stay cool. Stay fresh. Find a sweet pool.

-Marina, designer at Walgreens

QuickPrints part 3 – Partners in crime!

Hello, friends of Photo by Walgreens!

If you’re one of our faithful readers (hi Mom!) you know that we’ve proudly shared with you our QuickPrints feature on the Walgreens mobile app.

Well now we’re pleased to announce that QuickPrints is available for third party vendors to incorporate into their apps! That means that you’ll be able to use Quick Prints to print photos directly from your phone while enjoying a variety of different mobile apps. Basically, you can edit your photos or give them cool effects using apps like…


Share large groups of photos with friends and family

Pic Stitch

Combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed collage


Get the perfect family photo by combining individual shots slots games of everyone


Grab a high resolution image from a video file


Create group albums and give your shots fun filters


…and then print your new photos at the nearest Walgreens right from your phone!

Walgreens is also hosting its first ever Hack Day event for QuickPrints! If you’re a developer or happen to know one, the best integrations can win $5000 in cash, and there are also other prizes.
Sign up here:



Printing your Facebook photos

Happy Thursday!

This might sound familiar…you’re at a party. There’s food, drinks, maybe even a cake. (Devil’s Food, hopefully. No cheesecake. Seriously.) Take a look around. What’s everyone doing? Probably either taking pictures or posing for them. So let’s say you’re just like me and take dozens of pictures at every soiree, dinner, or birthday bash.

Two things might be true:

1) You used a phone instead of a camera (possibly)

2) The photos are going up on Facebook ASAP (definitely)

Let’s be real- most of the time, Facebook is the first destination for the photos we take. Of course, we spend a lot of time on this blog talking about how easy it is to print and edit photos with Photo by Walgreens. Today, we’re happy to tell you about a new service we have on the site called Print from Facebook!

It’s simple. All you have to do is log into your Photo by Walgreens account and choose the size of prints you desire. On the next screen, click the Facebook icon in the upper left corner. Then, you can either import photos from your own Facebook albums (so cool!) or a friend’s album! (say what?!? That’s amazing!)

Be sure to check back often for tons of exciting updates for what we’ve got in store with Photo by Walgreens!


Take care!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Special cards for those special characters in our lives!

Maybe it’s Uncle Walden. Or cousin Sage. Or even your bff Gwyneth. We all know a lady or gentleman that truly dances to the beat of their own French horn. Ever thrown one of them a birthday party? Backyard bbq? Tea party at the finest Victorian castle?

Well, it’s essential to make the celebration as unique as they are. And it all starts with the invitation. Here are some very special WellWishes character cards our talented photo team created right here at Photo by Walgreens.

Check our some of our favorites!

This should help make their special shindig a shining success. Rock on…


The gang’s all here!

It’s family reunion time! It’s such an exciting event; getting everyone in the same place, sharing stories, catching up, finding out who’s married, with kids, moving around, in school, etc. But boy…what an exhaustive endeavor these parties can be!

Fortunately, when it comes time to planning your family reunion, Photo by Walgreens offers a variety of photo products to make sure the party goes off without a hitch.



If you’re anything like me, you very well might have quite a large amount of family members to invite, which means that you’ll need invites to make sure everyone shows up at the same place at the same time, and not the following Saturday like last year! (I’m looking at you, Uncle Steve)

Check out a few of the designs Photo by Walgreens offers for your invites:

You can also make T-Shirts featuring a photo from a previous gathering for everyone to wear!


When it comes to decorating for the family reunion, one fun idea would be to create a Collage Designer Poster with photos showing all of the families in attendance:


Also, be sure to have everyone pose for a photo at the end of the night. Group shots turn out exceptionally well on a Canvas Print that looks great hung up anywhere in the house, and it’ll keep you looking forward to next year’s reunion!

Be sure to share any tips for throwing an impeccable family reunion below! Take care!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Passports, Please!

Well hey there, you world traveler!

You’re going somewhere internationally. Fantastic. First thing’s first – you’ll need a passport. Have you gotten your passport photos yet? If not, we’re is here to help.

Photo by Walgreens has a service in which a photo team member will photograph and print two copies of your passport photo in just minutes. That way, you can get a head start on your passport application (they can take up to 6 weeks!) and be ready to jet set the second it hits your door. In fact, you can find your nearest Walgreens location right here.

While we’re at it, here are a few tips to get you ready for your passport photo.

  • Keep a neutral expression and look straight ahead
  • Make sure not to wear a hat unless for religious or health purposes
  • Don’t wear dark glasses or sunglasses
  • Dress naturally, avoid work uniforms

Let’s look at some examples.

Here’s an example of a great passport photo:

And here’s one you shouldn’t replicate:

Easy enough, right? Happy travels and bon voyage!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens


Here are the U.S. requirements for passport photos

BOOM!!! Taking pictures of fireworks!

The 4th of July is upon us, and you know what that means – fireworks! Whether you’re shooting off some in the backyard, running around with sparklers or seeing a MASSIVE display at a football field or beach, fireworks are easily one of the most fascinating and iconic subjects around when it comes to photography. Of course, since this holiday only happens one time a year, you’ll want to cialis buy capture all of the amazing colors lighting up the summer sky.


As we celebrate the holiday this week (hopefully at a barbeque or somewhere with a pool) I wanted to share with you some tips for photographing this very timely subject, the one thing that everyone associates with the 4th. Let’s do it!

Some tips for photographing fireworks:

  • Turn the flash off, and use a tripod if possible. You’ll want your images to be crisp, without motion blur.
  • If you’re enjoying a large display, try to shoot the first fireworks to go off, and not the last. The reason for this is that the smoke will clutter your shot, making it hazy. If possible, try to stand up-wind while you’re shooting.
  • I’d recommend shooting vertically instead of horizontally. It gives your fireworks more of a sense of grandeur and height. However, maybe mix in a few horizontal shots with the ground and surroundings included to give some context – or mix in some friends or family into the shot!
  • Set your aperture to between f/8 and f/16 if you’re shooting manually. Also, use burst mode on your camera if available.
  • Scout your location. It always helps to make sure that there won’t be any buildings, trees, etc. blocking your focus.

After you’ve finished shooting those fireworks and uploading the photos to your Photo by Walgreens account, you can turn your photos into Glass Prints – the transparency of the glass highlights the brilliance and contrast of the colors, giving your firework photos an impeccable display. You can also turn them into Canvas Prints – the texture and warmth of the canvas makes these the perfect way to add a touch of patriotism to your house all year.

Happy 4th everyone!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens