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School is in session!

Take a look outside. Do you see that? Bright yellow buses, kids with cool backpacks, parents getting all of the back to school shopping done. That’s right – classes are starting! Now, many of our faithful readers are teachers, know a teacher, or have kids that are meeting their new teachers as we speak. So we basically wanted to say – we love you, teachers!

Of course, for our favorite instructors, this time of year means new names to keep track of, lesson plans, activities, etc. It’s a lot to keep straight! Well, we’re here to help. Today we’re going to share with you a few easy ways to help teachers stay smiling and organized with Photo by Walgreens products.

Here we go!


10×5 Desktop Calendars Fun to customize with your own photos, they look great on a teacher’s desk and are a great way to enjoy all of those sweet summer pics that bring to mind hammocks and a refreshing beverage.

4×6 Magnets Place photos of all the new students on magnets, and organize the kids into activity groups on the whiteboard. That way, they’ll always know exactly who they’re learning with!

Collage Posters Giving a history lesson? Take pictures of the kids when they dress up as their favorite historical figures and turn the photos into a Collage Poster that hangs in the front of the classroom.

Notepads They feature a wide variety of background options, perfect for writing down important info in class. (Hey, teachers can take notes too, right?)

Whether you’re a teacher or you’re making a gift for one, there are many more fantastic ideas on our Photo by Walgreens Gift page. Check ‘em out!

I hear the bell…gotta go!


-Marina, designer at Walgreens

PrintWorthy. Every photo has a story.

Hello, friends!

Haven’t you always wanted to print your Facebook photos with their “likes” and “comments”? I figured. And now you can! Today, Photo by Walgreens is pleased to announce PrintWorthy! Here’s the scoop. Basically, PrintWorthy™ is a new service offered through the Photo by Walgreens Facebook app that allows you to customize & order a Facebook photo as a 5×7 print with its “likes” and “comments” right alongside it. We like to call this a PrintWorthy Card. Then you simply choose your pickup location and you’re good to go!

PrintWorthy also will keep track of your friends’ birthdays and anniversaries so you can gift them a PrintWorthy Card that they’ll adore. PrintWorthy’s “Inspire Me” section will find and compile photos:

• with the most likes
• with the most comments
• you’ve recently been tagged in
• that have been recently uploaded
• from years past that you may have forgotten about

PrintWorthy. Every photo has a story™. So what’s yours?

-Marina, designer at Walgreens

PS – Because I’m so nice, I’ll let you in on a secret – you can get a FREE PrintWorthy Card by using the code FREEWORTHY at checkout through Saturday, September 1*

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*Coupon code FREEWORTHY valid thru September 1, 2012 on PrintWorthy 5″x 7″ cards using the Photo by Walgreens Facebook app. Limit 5 PrintWorthy 5″x 7″ cards per household. Code must be entered in the App checkout flow to apply discount. Discount does not apply to previous purchases or taxes. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Walgreens reserve the right to expire the offer at any time. In store sales associates reserve the right to monitor and prevent offer abuse.

Office Photo Gifts

Let’s face it – life in the office can get a little monotonous. You come in first thing in the morning, get your coffee, sift through emails, browse Pinterest (wait, maybe that’s just me) eat lunch, go to a meeting or two and call it good. Sometimes, you need a little excitement in the day. A little razzmatazz.

Perhaps a one-of-a-kind photo gift? Yup.

Did you know that you can customize your own Notepads, Notecards, Notebooks, Mousepads and personal stationery using Photo by Walgreens? (Neither did I. Just kidding!! HA! I knew we had all of those.) That’s right – you can put your own photos on basically everything that sits on your desk. This way, you can keep your favorite pics around Monday through Friday.

One super fun idea is to make an 8.5×11 Calendar for someone using a bunch of goofy photos of all the coworkers. If possible, try to take everyone’s picture first thing in the morning when they’re nice and groggy.

Or how about a Commuter Mug for the notorious, “5 cups of coffee, or I’m cranky” drinker? For office birthdays, a Candy Tin is a really fun gift idea- you can even fill the tin with some of their favorite treats!

Any tips for creating the ultimate office gift? Share them below!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens