Marina Takes on The Great Outdoors

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The untamed wilderness. The final frontier. The land where Mother Nature reigns supreme.

Wait just a second. Back that truck up. What has to be so scary about outdoor photography? Sure, it’s different than having very carefully orchestrated poses and an indoor setting, but that’s the beauty of it! Outdoor photography can be spontaneous, serene, and if nothing else a cool change of pace! Especially in this time of year, look out that window – flowers are blooming, colors are vibrant, everything is coming to life, it’s absolutely PERFECT to shoot outdoors.

Looking for tips on how to photograph outdoors? Well friends, you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips when you get out of the studio and into the wild.

  1. It’s all in the light! Objects and even more so people look illuminated and somewhat ethereal when backlit in nature. Your photographs will have a retro quality to them, like your subject has emerged right from the sun.
  2. Location, location, location. Beautiful locations can be found all around you. Don’t discount a spot just because it’s near a less than idea area…sometimes the best outdoor photography takes place in spur of the moment spots. Just make sure that stop lights, street signs, etc. are out of the picture. (Unless you’re deliberately including them – then go for it!)
  3. Turn off the flash. Ok, you know this one. Moving on!
  4. Try a Tripod! Obnoxious puns aside, tripods give you clearer photos and will help with your depth of focus. If you have access to one, they’re a must.

Now, of course you’re wondering, “Well Marina, what do I do with my outdoor photos? Clearly they mustn’t just sit on my camera! Photo by Walgreens…HELP!!” One idea is to take a shot with a wide-angle lens and spread out a panoramic shot over three different Canvas Prints. An outdoor-themed Photo Book is also a “natural” fit (get it? Oh right, no more puns) so perhaps take a series of photographs over the course of a day starting at sunrise and ending at sunset.

Any other outdoor photography tips? Share them below!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens


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  1. Your writing has a really friendly and approachable style! Thanks for sharing tips for photographing outside, it’s something that certainly often feels far more intimidating or “difficult” than it actually turns out to be.

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