A How To: Impress Your Boss on Bosses Day

Hey, Jenna here! Since Marina is my boss, and we are talking about boss’ day, I am taking the reigns of this post… mwahahaha!!

Let me take you on a journey exploring three very different chiefs here at Walgreens eCommerce, and how I chose the perfect gift for each one.

1) Marina: Boss woman of the Photo Team

Always starting every meeting with an update on Papoo & Clancy (her dogs), and a little shimmy and dance to whatever song has taken over her brain that day, Marina is quirky and eccentric, to put it lightly. Crazy (in a fun way), to put more accurately. Waltzing through the cubicles singing her requests, buying us popsicles on a hot and sunny long afternoon just to cheer us up, yet having a no-nonsense attitude underneath it all, is what allows her style of bossing to lead to tons of creativity.

Ohhhh, what to get a boss like Marina?


2) Ryan: Lead Creative Director

Ryan leads with a quiet superiority, wheels always turning as he listens and eats his apple attentively. Speaking out only when there is something of importance to say – as a worker bee – you know to take his words seriously. Seriously. We also all know how much he loves his apples and P90x.

What to get to impress a boss like Ryan?

3) Erika: Lead lady of Photo Marketing

Her demeanor is sweet, she is kind, but most of all, she knows all there is to know about marketing. Juggling a myriad of projects every hour of every day, she is a great resource for any creative – always available to answer our many inquiries. She listens hard, and loves and supports most of our wacky ideas.

What to get Erika to make her scream with enjoyment?

With Photo by Walgreens fun and quirky products, you can put your smiling face on a plethora of breathtaking, creative presents for your favorite boss man or lady.

All it takes is a little friending, lots of searching, and a dollop of creativity to be the hit of the office on boss’ day – unless you forgot!

Well, there’s always next year.
– Jenna, Photo Writer

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