A customized photo book for every season

Celebrate every occasion with a photo book that captures all of the fun. Custom photo books allow you to put a special touch on memories and organize them artfully at the same time. You can select a common theme or event or even group your photos by season or holiday. One relevant theme this time of year is the upcoming winter holiday season. Why not display family photos during your celebrations or give a photo book as a gift? There are so many moments to share–a child opening their first present, kids at a school play or a church choral concert. How about everyone decorating the tree or just peaceful, snow-filled landscapes?

Want thoughts of warmer times ahead? Thumb through your summer photos and make a story book that celebrates everything bright and sunny. You could re-live a summer vacation, a friend’s barbecue or an outdoor festival. For the kids in your life, you could include photos of lemonade stands, camp and time at the pool.

Fall and spring both lend themselves well to great signature books. There are always fun back-to-school photos, pics of Labor Day activities and fun Halloween costumes. Flowers beginning to bloom, Easter celebrations and more make Spring photo-worthy. So gather your shots and start customizing your photo book.

Got something to brag about? Make a brag book and highlight all of the fun things you’ve done for a particular event like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc… Have a new baby at home? Show off your bundle of joy with a book dedicated to all of his or her firsts. Been on the trip of a lifetime? Share your adventures with a brag book that will make everyone jealous.

No matter what kind of custom photo book you make, you will create a keepsake that lasts forever.

What are the big holidays in your family that could fill one or more custom photo albums?

What is your favorite season and what would you photograph to document it in a photo book?

Do you have a unique photo book that you are proud of? Tell us about it!

2 Responses to A customized photo book for every season

  1. I shot photos at a cousins wedding. I took hundreds of photos. That night, after the reception, I selected several of the photos I especially liked and raced to Walgreens the next morning to make photo albums for everyon in the Bridal party and the parents of the couple. I was the hero as everyone loooked at the albums and relived the previous day’s experience. Now, a few years later they still tell me how much they enjoy the albums and think of me every time they show the album off to neighbors and friends. Great and inexpensive gift. Irene

  2. I have made about 20 photobooks with Walgreens photo…every holiday, vacation, birthday etc.etc. I have made equally as many on other photobook sites…but usually default back to Walgreens. Issue #1 – would love to be able to share my walgreens books on my design website (or facebook!) Issue #2…if ever Walgreens offer photobook design services, you should consider me. Contact me at http://www.nympa.com

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