Anniversary gifts by year — and how to customize them!

You’ve probably heard of traditional anniversary gifts, which match a milestone year (say, 5) with a prescribed material (like wood). But sometimes the obvious gift doesn’t best represent the years spent together. To wit: A wooden cutting board.

For a fresh spin, use a traditional gift material while still allowing the happy twosome’s relationship to take center stage. To get your ideas flowing, we’ve matched up our Photo Gift offerings with a few landmark anniversary years.



Year 1: Paper

A Photo Book captures the year’s many firsts. First pet, first home, first fight (okay, maybe leave that one out). Cover a minimum of 15 pages with pictures, including those quickly snapped yet meaningful images stored on Instagram or Facebook.

Year 5: Wood

Elevate this anniversary’s material — plain ol’ wood — with a wooden Keepsake Box topped with a picture of the happy couple. For those gifting a spouse, fill it with a jewelry item or a gadget. Budget-conscious partners can make a touching gesture by dropping in small mementos from years past.

Year 10: Tin

Yep, it’s one of the odder anniversary materials. But don’t try to come up with a clever use for canned food just yet. Photo by Walgreens can print your pics directly on metal with Metal Panels or a Fancy Metal Easel. It’s an especially enjoyable gift for a photo-wall enthusiast or an artful arranger of photographs.

Year 15: Glass

We’ll skip suggesting the Frosted Stein (still awesome) and offer a more elegant way of integrating the material. Glass Prints feature images directly printed on a piece of polished glass — great for displaying in the home or creating a bragging point in the office.

Have any creative ways to integrate traditional anniversary materials? Do tell!

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