Creating fun-filled photo greeting cards

Sending personalized photo greeting cards is an easy way to show friends and family that you care. When loved ones receive your custom cards, they’ll be excited to see personal photos and cherished memories along with a printed message or a handwritten note from you. Take a look at some of the occasions you may want to remember with a photo card.

Valentine’s Day

Tell friends and family that they have a special place in your heart; send them a personalized photo card. Add a picture of your family or just include the kids and make Valentine’s Day cuter than ever. You can even send your kids to school with flat cards that can be cut in half for a small Valentine that’s perfect for exchanging. Flat cards come in sets of 20 and include envelopes.

Mother’s Day

Show Mom some love with a 5×7 folded card featuring a favorite photo of you both. Or get your family to tell her how much she is appreciated with a card that includes them all. Folded cards are perfect for occasions when you want to celebrate someone in particular because they are sold individually with an envelope.

Thank You

Send a special note of thanks with a custom greeting card that lets friends and family know just how grateful you are. To send a thank you for holiday gifts, you may want to add some of your favorite pictures from a holiday gathering or to say thank you for a special favor, you could send a picture of you holding a beautiful bouquet.

Whether you already have a photo in mind or not, it’s easy to get started!

  • First, choose your occasion or holiday.
  • Select a card with a portrait or landscape orientation that complements or frames your photo well. You can also select a photo that works well with a postcard design that you like.
  • Narrow your search by style or sentiment.
  • Each custom photo card comes in a variety of sizes and can be printed on glossy or matte photo paper.

Always remember to edit your photos to remove red-eye and change color, size and brightness according to your preference. Different fonts can also help you add your own style to any card. When you’ve finished creating the perfect card, ordering is simple. Review your card and choose the quantity. It’s as simple as that. So, create your photo card now and make someone’s day tomorrow.


How have you used photo greeting cards? For what type of occasion?

Have you ever received photo cards from family members or friends?

What kinds of occasions have you used photo greeting cards? How have you chosen a photo to use?

2 Responses to Creating fun-filled photo greeting cards

  1. Today I used the Walgreens photo cards for the first time to order Christmas cards. On the positive side, the design selections were very nice and the order was ready for pickup the next morning as promised. In the rush of all my Christmas activities and responsibilities, I was thankful to be able to receive custom cards so quickly. However, I probably won’t order from Walgreens again. Each of my cards came with a “Thanks for ordering!” stamp on the back. When I asked the clerk about it, she said all digital orders have that message and there was no way to print the cards without it. Some other message, like “Printed with care at Walgreens” at least has some purpose and while not ideal, it’s at least acceptable. But a “Thanks for ordering!” message on each and every card is an unnecessary blemish. Obviously, not the most important concern of the season, but for those of us who care about quality, there are other places to purchase photo cards.

  2. I spent hours creating a photo book, thru this blog, and saved it! When I returned with that final photo I needed to locate. No project had been saved. Customer support informed me, because I did not create it directly on Walgreen’s Photo site…Projects are not saved! I’m confussed!

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