How to Take Vacation Photos People Will Want to See

Packing your trusty camera when you go on vacation is as important as bringing fresh socks. You’ll take hundreds of shots, and you’ll want to share them all. But while you find all the photos of your hotel interesting and memorable, your friends and family probably won’t. Travel photography is all about capturing your unique perspective of a location, so here are some tips to take interesting and exciting holiday snaps that everyone will want to see.

Shoot What Interests You

Things will capture your attention as you walk around, so keep your eyes open for special moments. Too often people feel that they must take photos of the major landmarks, but the mark of a great travel photo is a picture of something that others overlook. If you’re in Paris, for example, look at the interactions between people. That way, you’ll be able to capture those unique moments, such as your child’s excitement at seeing a street performer, while everyone else is staring up at the Arc de Triomphe.

A different angle of the Arc de Triomphe

Look for a New Angle

Anyone can take a straight shot, but what about laying down or moving to the side of an eye-catching landmark to get a different perspective? When you’re looking for an interesting angle, you’ll often find yourself standing alone, away from the crowds jostling each other to get the same boring shot of the Eiffel Tower.

There are so many options for interesting photos taken from different angles. You can get right up close, so that you’re framing your subject in a different way, or you can stay further back to get more of the subject as well as the things happening around it. Some landmarks, such as Paris’ famous tower, can be seen above buildings for miles around. Find an interesting vantage point atop a hill or house, and take a photo from a spot few would think to.

Take Lots of Photos

It wasn’t that long ago that we were limited to 12, 24 or 36 photos on a roll of film. Now, our cameras can hold hundreds to thousands of photos. It may seem obvious in this age of social media, but capturing multiple shots of each subject will ensure you end up with at least some some truly memorable photos. And the great thing is, you can simply delete the lousy ones. Don’t regret not taking that second shot of your family watching whales from the beach — the next moment could be the one in which the whale breaches the water.

Day and Night

Nothing makes a photograph better than the right light. The middle of the day is rarely the best light for photographs. Consider taking your photos at different times of day and night for a unique look at a familiar landmark. Photographers often talk about “the golden hour” — that time when the sun is setting and the ground is covered in a beautiful golden shine. First thing in the morning can make for interesting views, and there are often fewer people out with their cameras at that time, so you’ll be able to shoot something unique. Imagine how good the Egyptian pyramids will look when the sun is rising or setting behind them.

Print Your Photos

While it’s great to share your travel photography online, there will always be something special about printing out your vacation photos. Today, it’s easier than ever to put together a travel Photo Book of your vacation for friends and family to reminisce over for years to come.

Wherever the road takes you this summer, capture it in a photo that people will want to see.

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