How to take your PERFECT holiday card photo

It’s almost that time of the year again. Snow is prepping to fall, Jack Frost is beginning to nip, and the air is starting to fill with the scent of cinnamon and holiday cheer. And right there at the starting line is Thanksgiving. With families getting together and looking their best, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to snap the centerpiece of the season, the family Holiday Card. The card that makes fridges and mantles rumble with joy. However, not every season’s greeting is filled with warm tidings. Matching sweaters, half stunted smiles, and ill-placed reindeer ears can turn a warm family greeting card into a cold family yikes! Here’s a helpful list of hints and tips to keep your holiday card photos full of cheer and free of fear this season.

1. Location, Location, Location!
When it comes to great holiday photos, sometimes what’s behind the family is almost important as the family itself. A simpler background makes for a more elegant photo. Have a plan and prepare your environment! It’s hard enough to get the dog to sit without you moving around the furniture behind it.

2. Dress for the photo you want. Not the one you have.
Matching only works in prisons and in movies about the future. Hopefully your family is in neither. Color coordinate with one another, but don’t match too much. It’s 2012 and you are free.

3. Lights! Camera! Adjust Lights! Acti*…Lights!
Don’t turn your family into demons. Avoid red eye by having everyone look directly at the light source, which should always be behind the photographer. You can shoot your photo indoors or out, however shooting in the daylight creates a softer and more nature look. The best times to do this are the early morning or late afternoon.

4. Pavlov’s kids.
Taking pictures with children and pets can be tough. Neither understands the importance of the masterpiece you are creating, so be sure to reward both for their patience.

5. Enjoy yourself
This photo shoot isn’t going to make or break your photography career. Have fun! Making jokes and creating a fun light atmosphere encourages genuine smiles. And genuine smiles make for great holiday cards.

6. Quantity is quality
Chances are you won’t get the perfect shot right away. But that’s okay! We live in a digital age where photos are as abundant as air. The more pictures you take, the more you have to choose from later.

Great! You’ve taken the perfect, natural, well-coordinated family holiday photo. Now it’s time for the card. Luckily for you Walgreens offers a wide array of WellWishes Holiday Cards in addition to our premium Folded Words Cards. The perfect card is right at the click of a mouse. Best of luck and happy snappings!


-David, copywriter at Walgreens


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