How To: The Perfect Maternity Photos

Unique Maternity Photo Ideas

We’ve all seen those photos in our mailbox or our Facebook page… those professional maternity photos from a family member or loved one. You might have even gotten the  “daddy kissing mommy’s exposed belly in black and white”. Or even the “daddy’s hands form a heart over the belly button”. There’s nothing wrong with these photos, it’s just that we’ve seen them all a thousand times. It’s time to get some new types of photos in the mix.

Here are some new ideas for celebrating your little one before he or she arrives.

What should I wear?
This is probably the most common question that every mother asks before she gets her pregnancy photo taken. Clingy fabrics work best because we know who the star is: the bump! Form-fitting fabrics also flatter the mom-to-be. Also, let the ensemble correspond with the location. Bright room means fun patterns, outdoors could mean neutrals. Just make sure the dad complements mom but don’t get too matchy-matchy!

Get creative with different angles.
You don’t necessarily have to be in the middle of a daisy field or a photo studio to make a good photograph. Just make sure you always pick the angles that flatter the mother best. Getting high up and shooting down elongates the subject’s body and creates a slimming portrait.

Add in some props.
You might be a bit befuddled to decide on what props to use, but it’s really up to you! What’s your personality? What kind of pictures do you want to have? Would you like classic black and white or bright colors and toys with the kids? You could bring your favorite baby outfit or accessory and then take pictures with the baby wearing it once he or she is born. Think about this before the session and you can decide what you would like to bring, if anything.

7 is the key number.
Well, “7 months” that is. By the 8th or 9th month, the mother is at her largest and might just feel downright uncomfortable posing for photos. You want her naturally smiling and happy about these photos, not clenching her jaw, anxiously awaiting them to be over as soon as possible.

Pick a Location!
If you don’t have the funds for a professional studio shoot (saving money for the baby!), you can always opt for your home. The living room or a bedroom is always a good choice. They’re the easiest to clean, have the most space as well as natural light.

Don’t forget the others!
Whether they are older or younger siblings or the old pooch, everyone in the family is excited for the new addition. You don’t have to put them in every photo but make sure to add them to most snapshots. They are all a part of the big family as much as the upcoming baby.

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