Howl-ween’s best in show

It’s been a very difficult week to work knowing that hundreds of dressed up pets were being uploaded to the Photo by Walgreens, Dress Your Pet Contest. Each day it took a special kind of strength to not abandon our work and spend the entire day going ‘Awwwwww! No they didn’t!’ So before we begin be sure to clear your calendars, turn off your phone, and get comfortable because here come the finalists from the cutest contest ever.


Cutestant number 1: Doggie Hawser
The movies make us believe dogs can only play sports. Doggie Hawser tells those stereotypes to ‘Sit!’ Dogs also make very good vets.

Cutestant number 2: Cast of the Wizard of OZ
Two Wizard of Oz contenders in the same pet costume contest? You bet your bark! No matter how many heel clicks it takes, run into these three pooches and you’ll never want to go home.

Cutestant number 3: The Pharmacist
When the doctor prescribes ‘cute’ only one pharmacist can deliver. This smart kitty’s got the cure for all those cold weather aches, especially if those aches are heart strings that just need to be pulled.

Cutestant number 4: Grizzly and his friend Bones
When Grizzly isn’t burying bones he’s making them his best friend. A rescue dog with a heart of gold, this pooch is man’s best friend for life (and even a little after).

Cutestant number 5: Molly Goodenberger
There is no place like home. Especially if your home is also home to Molly Goodenberger. Is that a little basket she’s holding? You’re doggone right it is.

Cutestant number 6: Halloween Chinchillas
I mean… come on.

Cutestant number 7: Aladdin & Phoenix
If you’ve got the treats these dogs got the tricks. Tired of ‘Roll over!’ and ‘Fetch!’ Aladdin & Phoenix opt for the less traditional ‘Remove your head with a sword!’

Cutestant number 8: Chompy the Turtle
When it comes to pet costume contests, Chompy is a shell in. This turtle shows that you don’t have to bark to have bite. You just need a tinfoil fin.

Cutestant number 9: Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe
Pup culture icons, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, are breaking hearts all over again. It’s hard to keep a good dog down.

Cutestant number 10: Marvelous Marvin
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… It’s a… It’s adorable! When he isn’t stopping crime, Marvin is stopping hearts one fur tight leotard at a time.


And the winner is…

Doggie Hawser!
2nd Place: Halloween Chinchillas
3rd Place: Aladdin & Phoenix

Congratulations to Doggie Hawser and the other contest winners! Thank you everyone who participated. All of your pets deserve a round of Ap-paws!

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