Jelly Bean Contest


Happy Spring!


We’d love for you to participate in our Jellybean Contest, in honor of the beginning of the new, vibrant season, warm weather and our love of making your day by giving away free stuff!

I’ve been waiting for the contest to begin. Want to know the REAL reason why?

This jar of jellybeans has been sitting on my desk for the past week. Five whole days of the colorful, quirky, delectably delicious little mouth-watering candies just sitting here. Staring at me. All day long.


I haven’t indulged at all. Not even one or two tiny handfuls. Swear.

Talk about willpower.


Ok so back to the contest…


How it works:

Simply guess the number of jellybeans in the jar. The person who guesses closest to the correct number without going over wins a 12×12 canvas print featuring a festively hued spring flower, what a masterpiece!



How to enter your guess:

You must guess the number in the comment section of this blog post. Only one guess per person will be allowed, so make sure to make it a good one!


To Note:

• Remember, if you guess OVER, your guess does not count.

• The contest is on right now!

• The contest ends at 11:59 CST on Saturday, April 7th.

Make sure to get your guess in by then!

• If more than one person guesses correctly, the winner will be the person who

posted their guess first!


Psst…want a hint? I’ve done some digging around and have decided to help you out…Remember, there are 930 jelly beans in a US gallon.


That’s it! Happy guessing and good luck.


– Marina, designer at Walgreens


Please click here for official rules.

  • Efulton1102

    i guess 1200 jellybeans! have a wonderful Easter…

  • Starnmoon_64


  • tiffany weide

    There are 634 jelly beans!

  • Pauline

    863 jelly beans

  • Lesliriver


  • Bertrann


  • Krazymommy22


  • Ddbenvin

    499 beans

  • Kkukowski25


  • K2hood


  • Jami Higgs

    2012 jelly beans in the jar :)

  • Hipsongmelody


  • 1youcantoo

    Let me guess 404

  • Tiffanydpoole


  • Ktalley28

    850 jelly beans

  • Kyles

    I’m going with 723!

  • Patt

    Hmmm…..let’s try 1029 jelly beans.

  • Claudia


  • Rebecca Drummond


  • Kellycafe421

    I guess 327!!!

  • Ayricka Bailey


  • Walgreens

    Hi Shelly! You are our winner. Please email us at Congratulations!

  • Bolesbillie42

    ammmm 544 jelly beans?