Last-minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day can sneak up on you like a, er, heart attack. No worries, dear Cupid. Our same-day photo pickup can help you make your Valentine feel special with these really easy, really fast – and really personalized – last-minute gifts.

Scavenger Hunt
Surprise your love with a photo scavenger hunt. Take 10 photos of meaningful items around your house like a vase or unique trinket. Then hide the pics in or under each item, making sure that one image leads to the next. At the end of the hunt after the tenth photo, leave a special surprise such as a love note, chocolates or flowers.

Love Notes
Music makes memories. Go old school and create a “mix tape” for your love of all your favorite songs together. Package the jump drive or CD mix by taping two unique 4×4 photos together for a hands-on touch.

I Love You Because …
Take a selfie holding a piece of paper that reads, “I love you because… .” Next order the pic as an 8×10 (or larger) print, and adorn it in a glass-front frame. Place the frame in your home, and each day with a dry-erase marker, complete the sentence for your Valentine. No sentiment feels better than appreciation.

Wine and “Cheese!”
Snap a selfie with a sign that says, “I love you,” and order it (via your phone or online) in an 8×10 print. Then wrap and attach the photo around a bottle of wine as a romantic gesture for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

DIY Flower Bouquet
Perfect from the kids! Print a dozen of your children’s cutest headshots, and cut out the little faces in circles. Then tape or glue them to the center of construction-paper flowers for a DIY bouquet that will make any family member or teacher smile

Appreciation Calendar
What’s better than photo calendar? A photo calendar with love notes! Each month, add a date night idea and/or messages about why you love your Valentine, or why that person is important. Then the rest of the year, they can celebrate how much they’re loved.


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