My favorite shots are in black & white

Full disclosure – I take a ton of pics. And I love color, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t know what it is, everything just seems more sophisticated somehow in black and white. Lately, I’ve been doing everything in B&W, including taking photos of my sister’s wedding. Wait until she sees these shots – I she looks striking in them.

Without further adieu, here are a few of my go-to subjects for the best black & white shots:

1. People

Taking photos of people in black & white brings out the most interesting aspects of their personality. Using subtle shadows and light allows you to get a rich shot that is striking, and if you’re lucky, a fun expression too.


2. Animals

My puppy loves when I take her picture. She hams it up every time. That’s because she knows if it’s a good shot it ends up on my photo wall. I have tons of pics of her doing things she shouldn’t (like chewing up my shoes.) She even looks innocent in black & white. Too bad she isn’t.

3. Nature

Landscapes can be breathtaking in black & white. The stark contrasts of black, white and gray make everything look dynamic and alive. Think about Ansel Adams and the amazing pics he took in black & white. Iconic.


4. Action Shots

Everything looks more action-packed in black & white. I think it’s because there’s a stillness to the shot and you can focus on the subject more. When done right, black & white photography can even make things look like they’re jumping off the page.


To master the art of black & white photography remember to:


  • Pay attention to composition
  • Concentrate on forms, shapes and textures
  • Make the photo engaging by creating points of interest
  • Consider how lighting, highlights and shadows will impact the shot


No matter what, have fun. Taking black and white shots is easy once you get the hang of it and best of all, it makes your pics look sophisticated and dynamic just a little bit of patience. Well, that’s my take anyway. Until next time…


What subjects most interest you when shooting in black and white?

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