Parents – it’s graduation time! (That means senior portraits!)


Walgreens has reached out to a professional photographer, Chris Padgett, who is going to give you a few tips and tricks just in case you feel like taking your own senior portraits. Chris is an award-winning professional photographer who is a part-owner of First Blush Photos, a photo service that specializes in senior photos and wedding photography.


What themes do you focus on?

Usually when we talk to the seniors, we have to find out what they’re excited about. We like to know what sports they’re playing; what their hobbies and interests are; even what genre of music they listen to. We like to get a feel for them as people and we go off of that.


How does music inspire the process?

Let’s say they like country or bluegrass music … we might want to have a more rustic or natural of a setting, with antique chairs, things like that. You always need a good chair or a couch, as that adds an element so the photo almost looks like a CD cover. If they have musical instruments they play in band, we try to capture that as well. If they like hip hop, we may want to take them to a more urban setting.


Overall, what should the parent/photographer focus on?

  • What their hobbies may be.
  • Try to represent them for who they are in high school.
  • It can even be them with a couple of their best friends!
  • Take a more traditional safe close-up shot with them being beautiful or handsome and smiling.

When is the best time to take photos?

When you’re taking the photos, it would be better to take them in the evening. In the evening the light is very even. We call it ‘The Magic Hour’ right when the sun is setting in the evening because the light is so even and it’s very flattering, it can cast a golden warm color on the subject.


Are there different poses they should try?

Usually we try to strike a balance between interesting ideas that we want to try out and more basic shots to try to get our subject to feel comfortable. We try to get a variety of poses between scene shots that are further away and close-ups of their faces.

When you’re done taking your senior portraits, why not take your photos one step further and turn them into a calendar, canvas, glass print, or a poster? Click here to upload them to your Photo by Walgreens profile!


Good luck!


-Marina, designer at Walgreens

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. Now how do we get that Senior to cut his hair and wear the clothes we want him too? Taking all your great ideas into consideration and going for it this week-end.
    Beth Adkins
    Virginia Beach, Va

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