Passports, Please!

Well hey there, you world traveler!

You’re going somewhere internationally. Fantastic. First thing’s first – you’ll need a passport. Have you gotten your passport photos yet? If not, we’re is here to help.

Photo by Walgreens has a service in which a photo team member will photograph and print two copies of your passport photo in just minutes. That way, you can get a head start on your passport application (they can take up to 6 weeks!) and be ready to jet set the second it hits your door. In fact, you can find your nearest Walgreens location right here.

While we’re at it, here are a few tips to get you ready for your passport photo.

  • Keep a neutral expression and look straight ahead
  • Make sure not to wear a hat unless for religious or health purposes
  • Don’t wear dark glasses or sunglasses
  • Dress naturally, avoid work uniforms

Let’s look at some examples.

Here’s an example of a great passport photo:

And here’s one you shouldn’t replicate:

Easy enough, right? Happy travels and bon voyage!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens


Here are the U.S. requirements for passport photos

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  1. “Avoid work uniforms”… Hm. My fiance and I both work for Walgreens and we just got our first passports in the first part of the year and we’re both wearing our work uniform for our pictures. But being able to get our passport photos immediately after clocking out (well for me anyways, he’s salary) was super convenient for us. haha.

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