Photography Tips for Beginners, Part One – Start Experimenting!

There’s plenty to learn when you’re a beginning photographer. But the good news is that digital cameras make learning fun. Discover some of the tricks of the trade in our first post about beginner photography and check out additional posts in the series to come.

Woman Taking A Photo

First, learn about your camera. Many come with a multitude of features, settings and options that you can play with. For example, how do you focus? What can you adjust? Many cameras come complete with auto-correct for lighting, motion and contrast, but it’s in your best interest to learn how you can correct these things manually. The more you build your skills, the better.

Second, know your subject. Think about the object, setting, person, or place that you’re photographing. If you’re taking pictures of an event, make sure to check out the background, lighting and any restrictions that you need to be aware of. The more you can prepare your shot ahead of time the more freedom you will have to explore the composition and the more natural your pictures will look and feel.

Speaking of composition, have you heard of the rule of thirds? It comes in very handy in photography. Think of your picture as a rectangle that is divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically; then visualize the nine smaller rectangles and intersecting lines created. When you compose your picture – or arrange your subject –position it with these intersecting lines in mind. You want your subject or the most interesting element of your subject to be in the left or right third of the photo and centered in the lower or upper third horizontally. Your photograph is going to be more interesting if you align your subject so that the main point of interest is in one of the intersecting points of the grid. This principle done right helps to draw your audience into the picture. Once you’re aware of the rule, it’s easy to see it in professional photo prints.

There’s much more to consider about photography and many more tips to share, so stop back for the next post. In the meantime, start taking photographs and experimenting. As in anything, the more you try the more you learn. So, practice, practice, practice.

Share your favorite tips for fellow beginners!

What is your best tip for composition when shooting a group of people?

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  1. I like all types of cameras. The reason that I do is, because the photographs look different with all of them. I’m learning a lot from cameras. The best quality of prints that I like the most is Matte photos.

    I like this, because I don’t like glossy photos. I like to see the colors very brightly on my photographs. I like the definition of every line of every subject. This is what I enjoy the most.

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