Printing your Facebook photos

Happy Thursday!

This might sound familiar…you’re at a party. There’s food, drinks, maybe even a cake. (Devil’s Food, hopefully. No cheesecake. Seriously.) Take a look around. What’s everyone doing? Probably either taking pictures or posing for them. So let’s say you’re just like me and take dozens of pictures at every soiree, dinner, or birthday bash.

Two things might be true:

1) You used a phone instead of a camera (possibly)

2) The photos are going up on Facebook ASAP (definitely)

Let’s be real- most of the time, Facebook is the first destination for the photos we take. Of course, we spend a lot of time on this blog talking about how easy it is to print and edit photos with Photo by Walgreens. Today, we’re happy to tell you about a new service we have on the site called Print from Facebook!

It’s simple. All you have to do is log into your Photo by Walgreens account and choose the size of prints you desire. On the next screen, click the Facebook icon in the upper left corner. Then, you can either import photos from your own Facebook albums (so cool!) or a friend’s album! (say what?!? That’s amazing!)

Be sure to check back often for tons of exciting updates for what we’ve got in store with Photo by Walgreens!


Take care!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens

4 Responses to Printing your Facebook photos

  1. this would b very useful…ima try it esp 2 get my lil nuggets pics off of fb n make her photo album

  2. what an awesome service! sometimes we delete pictures from the phone before we think to upload to pc.. but they’re ALWAYS on Facebook! :D Yay!!!

  3. I spent hours creating a photo book with my face book photo’s, Saved project…yet when I returned, No items saved? Customer service said that photo’s are not saved unless you go directly thru Walgreen’s Photo site! ???????

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