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Merry in a Snap: Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

Ho … ho … oh, no! Did you forget to pick out a holiday gift for a very important person on your list? No worries. You can still create a meaningful, memorable keepsake he or she will treasure forever. Read on for a mini gift guide featuring Same Day Pickup Photo Gifts you can create and pick up today. From family history buffs to art lovers, we’ve got everyone covered.

For the Family Historian

A Photo Book with a year-in-review or family history design template is a perfect gift for the genealogy buff in your brood. Gather the year’s best pics or the family’s most beloved old photos, and create a book that maps out the memories.sand_1

For the Timekeeper

Shopping for an organized friend or family member who loves to plan? A personalized Photo Calendar is a practical present he or she will use the whole year through. Select favorite photos for every month, and customize important dates like anniversaries and birthdays. Thoughtful details like these will ensure your recipient starts each day with a smile.


For the Artist

A gallery-wrapped Canvas Print makes an eye-pleasing present for the art lover on your list. Go big on one snapshot or arrange a collage of photos. Up the ante even further and create a series of coordinating Canvas Prints so your recipient can hang a gallery wall that’s sure to complement an enviable art collection.


For the Kids

If you need a quick gift for the little ones, create a Designer Poster featuring a colorful design template, like a growth chart they can use to track how tall they’re getting. For the older kids, a calendar design or a family photo collage will be a picture-perfect addition to a bedroom or dorm room.


Phew! Now that your gifting crisis is solved, put on some holiday tunes, kick up your feet and enjoy the best things this season brings — family, friends and lots of yummy cookies. :)

Share Life’s Happy,


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Parents – it’s graduation time! (That means senior portraits!)


Walgreens has reached out to a professional photographer, Chris Padgett, who is going to give you a few tips and tricks just in case you feel like taking your own senior portraits. Chris is an award-winning professional photographer who is a part-owner of First Blush Photos, a photo service that specializes in senior photos and wedding photography.


What themes do you focus on?

Usually when we talk to the seniors, we have to find out what they’re excited about. We like to know what sports they’re playing; what their hobbies and interests are; even what genre of music they listen to. We like to get a feel for them as people and we go off of that.


How does music inspire the process?

Let’s say they like country or bluegrass music … we might want to have a more rustic or natural of a setting, with antique chairs, things like that. You always need a good chair or a couch, as that adds an element so the photo almost looks like a CD cover. If they have musical instruments they play in band, we try to capture that as well. If they like hip hop, we may want to take them to a more urban setting.


Overall, what should the parent/photographer focus on?

  • What their hobbies may be.
  • Try to represent them for who they are in high school.
  • It can even be them with a couple of their best friends!
  • Take a more traditional safe close-up shot with them being beautiful or handsome and smiling.

When is the best time to take photos?

When you’re taking the photos, it would be better to take them in the evening. In the evening the light is very even. We call it ‘The Magic Hour’ right when the sun is setting in the evening because the light is so even and it’s very flattering, it can cast a golden warm color on the subject.


Are there different poses they should try?

Usually we try to strike a balance between interesting ideas that we want to try out and more basic shots to try to get our subject to feel comfortable. We try to get a variety of poses between scene shots that are further away and close-ups of their faces.

When you’re done taking your senior portraits, why not take your photos one step further and turn them into a calendar, canvas, glass print, or a poster? Click here to upload them to your Photo by Walgreens profile!


Good luck!


-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Rainy Day Photography


Hello Springlings!

Spring is here, but have no fear. It may be the rainy season, but it’s also prime time for alluring picture-taking. Next time you hear the pitter-patter on your roof, do the unthinkable: go outside and embrace it!

Get in your car or saunter beneath your colorful umbrella and start snapping pics of the beauteous drops falling from the dark, dreary clouds against the luminous city lights (or barren suburban streets, or luscious green landscape – wherever you may be).


Once you have a camera full of unique snapshots, there’s so much you can do!

  • Put them into a rainy day photography photobook you’ll have forever.
  • Choose your favorite few and put them in glass prints, sure to make them stand out in your home, on your mantle, on your nightstand – anywhere!
  • If you can narrow your favorites down to 12, you can make a personalized photo calendar for your home or office.
  • You can even turn your favorite few into a poster set to give as a gift to a family member or friend who you know will appreciate it.

Need some inspiration?
Check out this wondrous compilation I came across on onextrapixel.com while researching. There are 80 enchanting hand-picked photos of rain photography.

Pretty sweet, eh?


Happy Photographing! Get crafty and embrace the creative YOU.


-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Make A Photo Calendar

Need to stay organized, but tired of the same-old planner? Get creative with a photo calendar on Walgreens.com and relive your special memories all year long.

Available in both 12- and 18-month options and in three sizes – 8 ½ x 11, 11.5 x 14 and 12 x 12 – you can choose from desktop, designer and planning calendars or get a collage calendar that holds up to 15 images. Best of all, your calendar can start at any point in the year and you can pick it up the same day you create it. So, whether you’re customizing a calendar for yourself or giving a gift, you’ll find everything that you need to make organization fun.

What kind of calendar will you create? Here are some popular ideas:

Walgreens Photo Calendars

Birthday Calendar
Why just remember birthdays when you can create a custom photo calendar that displays pictures of your loved ones on their special day? Forget having to write every birthday down, now pictures can take the place of words, for a friendlier reminder.

Baby’s First Year
Can you believe twelve months have passed since your baby was born? Don’t let the memories fade. Get creative with your photos and make a calendar for the grandparents, Godparents and everyone in between.

Wedded Bliss
Where did the year go? Show your spouse that you loved every minute of being a newlywed with a custom photo calendar that highlights moments from your “Big Day” to every day.