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Your Child’s First Camera

To a new parent, there’s no such thing as too many family pictures. Every moment is a photo opportunity. But every parent also knows that kids are copycats, and eventually they’ll want to start taking their own pictures. So, when should you give them their first camera?

Luckily, good cameras are no longer major expensive purchases. There are plenty of options out there for parents who want to introduce their children to the world of photography.

Giving your child a camera could start him on a fantastic creative career.

Smart Photos

For many kids today, their first camera actually comes attached to a much more significant first: a mobile phone. Even the most rudimentary handset features a small digital camera, and it is something kids will inevitably play with. Smartphones are especially helpful in this regard because they will also come with in-camera editing features that let your kids crop, recolor and fix problems such as red eye. If your child is too young for her own phone, let her use yours. Mobile cameras are a great way to get kids excited about photography’s potential, and they allow them to spend time practicing.

Budget Cameras

If your child is showing more than a passing interest in photography, you can start them out with an inexpensive budget camera. These disposable cameras have limited capabilities, but they’re cheap enough that it doesn’t matter if your son drops it in the river (trying to get a photo of a passing fish). Their real purpose is to develop your child’s interest and skill level, and prepare them for the responsibility of owning a camera.

High-Quality Cameras

If your kids show a persistent interest in photography, with the ability to care for sensitive equipment, they may be ready for a “real” camera. Start with an ultra compact or even a waterproof camera with a wide range of options for the novice photographer. It should be small enough that it can fit into young hands, and little pockets and backpacks.

Higher-quality cameras, such as DSLRs, typically cater to users with advanced knowledge about photography. Before getting your kids this kind of equipment, you should enroll them in some basic photography classes.

What’s most important is ensuring that the cameras your children eventually use play on their interest in photography. Don’t stifle their interest with gadgets they’re not ready for. Don’t forget to let them choose their favorite images to develop as Prints that they can show to friends and family. No matter what you decide, promote the artform so they can find the right balance of encouragement and personal discovery.

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Making Photo Books!

I hope your holidays were amazing and fun filled. No doubt, 2011 was an incredible year. I’d have to say that my favorite memory was my trip to Peru- the camera was out the entire time. Of course, that leaves one question…

What did I do with all the pictures?

Simple answer: I made a photo book! Of course this seems like a momentous task…but it’s really easy. This is how I tackled it.

I uploaded my camera and phone pics to http://photo.walgreens.com. The new and improved site makes it really simple to upload, tag and organize. You can also always bring your camera into the store and upload them at the photo kiosk if you’re not sure and need some extra help.

Then, I organized all of my pics based on who is in them, where they were shot, etc. Just remember- “Who, what, where and when.”

Now it’s time for the fun part- fitting all of those memories into a photo book. I love the Custom Cover photo book option – it allows me to feature the best shot of the vacation up front. Walgreens also has hundreds of themes and page layouts to further personalize your photo book. You can also turn your pics into a brag book to give to your friends- they’ll appreciate that MUCH more than seeing a Facebook album!

Hopefully, these simple steps help you well on the way to crafting photo book.