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A life in pictures – how prints tell your story

In my very humble opinion, prints are the best way to surround yourself with your favorite memories and reminders of loved ones. There are lots of reasons to print – some I’m sure you already know, and some that you might not have thought of. Today, I’m sharing what I did with my 4×6 prints, and how I found a unique and simple way to tell my story.

One fun thing you can do with your prints is to make a timeline in your home. Last weekend, I picked up some corkboard to mount in my basement, and printed out my 4×6 prints at Walgreens. A print timeline lets you show off your favorite memories and stories visually. Making a timeline with prints is also immediate- it’s a quick and easy project for a lazy weekend.

For my timeline, I focused on pictures from the past year. (it was waaaaaaay past time to get hundreds of pictures off of my camera) I’ve also found that making enlargements of some of the MOST important pics (there’s one from my friend’s wedding where I’m doing a dance that would make Tina Turner blush) is a fun way to emphasize the big moments.

Think about where else you could incorporate prints into your home décor…what about turning some of your favorite photos into:

  • Prints with Borders? It’s simple, they look fantastic in a frame and the borders make the personality of the shot shine. They’re perfect for a mantle or a hallway.
  • Collage Prints- another option Walgreens features that shows off up to 20 of your favorite images on one print. It’s a fun way to stay inspired by your favorite pics and people.


What are some other fun and inspiring uses you’ve found for prints? How do you tell your story?


Happy printing!


Wake up with a friendly Cup of Joe

Many of us wake up and reach for a coffee mug each day only to find the same tired, old mug in the pantry. Why not add some personality to your morning routine with a custom photo mug? They’re a fun reminder of time spent with family and friends and an instant pick-me-up. Not to mention a unique gift for everyone in your life.

At Walgreens there are several options to choose from including a commuter mug, café mug, a latte mug, a travel mug or even a set of mugs for the home or office. Additionally, you can choose one single photo or you can make a collage mug that holds up to 15 images. Why not highlight fun family memories like your last family vacation or your son’s soccer game? It’s easy with Walgreens.

Another way to celebrate your family each day is to chronicle an important event like your baby’s first year or a special anniversary. That way you can take your favorite memories with you and remember the good times more often.

No matter what kind of mug you make, you will have several different sizes and styles to choose from at Walgreens. So, get started now and use your digital photos to recreate special moments that make any day happier.

Have you ordered a set of photo mugs for a gift or for yourself? What photos did you use?

What events would you chronicle on a collage photo mug?

What pictures would you use on a custom photo mug for the college student in your life?