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Tips for Selfies You’ll Want to Share

We’ve all turned our smartphone cameras on ourselves. Smile. Click. Smile. Click. But not every impulsive image you snap should land on your social media feeds. Here are a few selfie faces to strive for next time a moment inspires you!

Selfie Tips

All About the Smile

Puckering your lips as if you’re blowing a kiss is fine to do in a photo, but try too hard and you’ll end up with the classic selfie error: duck face. It’s about as unflattering as it gets: your cheeks look sunken and your lips jut out like a beak, creating an effect that just looks downright silly. Instead of blowing that kiss, flash a simple smile. Practice in a mirror to see if you like to show teeth or stay close-lipped in your close-up.

Cute, Creative Angles

Taking a great selfie is all about angles. If you hold your phone directly above you, your forehead can end up looking pretty wide. If you tend to have oily skin, the shine will show up as a reflective glare. To avoid a big, shiny forehead, keep your camera at eye level or just use a long, outstretched arm a little above head level for a more flattering, proportionate angle. Then turn your head a bit to the side so you’re not looking straight into the camera.

Focus on the Eyes

We’ve all been there: You stretch out your arm to take a picture, and hit the button just as you blink. Half-closed eyes make you look tired and confused. To make your eyes really stand out, close them before making selfie faces. Pop your eyes open right before clicking the shutter button to ensure you don’t blink as the shutter opens. As an added bonus, closing your lids for a moment will lubricate the eyeball, providing moisture that will brighten your eyes on camera.

Nice Nose Shots

The worst selfie ever is the close-up view of your nostrils. If you hold the camera lower than nose level when taking a selfie, you risk this unflattering pose. Simply raise your camera to eye level or turn your head to the side to get an appealing semi-profile shot.

After nailing the perfect pose, upload your selfie to Instagram and enhance with color filters, festive borders or cropping tools. Print out your selfie with the Walgreens Mobile App and share with friends.

What are your favorite selfies to capture? Tell us about them in the comments below, or snap a selfie and post a link — we’d love to see your super selfie skills.

Share Life’s Happy,

Angela Tague

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Making Photo Books!

I hope your holidays were amazing and fun filled. No doubt, 2011 was an incredible year. I’d have to say that my favorite memory was my trip to Peru- the camera was out the entire time. Of course, that leaves one question…

What did I do with all the pictures?

Simple answer: I made a photo book! Of course this seems like a momentous task…but it’s really easy. This is how I tackled it.

I uploaded my camera and phone pics to http://photo.walgreens.com. The new and improved site makes it really simple to upload, tag and organize. You can also always bring your camera into the store and upload them at the photo kiosk if you’re not sure and need some extra help.

Then, I organized all of my pics based on who is in them, where they were shot, etc. Just remember- “Who, what, where and when.”

Now it’s time for the fun part- fitting all of those memories into a photo book. I love the Custom Cover photo book option – it allows me to feature the best shot of the vacation up front. Walgreens also has hundreds of themes and page layouts to further personalize your photo book. You can also turn your pics into a brag book to give to your friends- they’ll appreciate that MUCH more than seeing a Facebook album!

Hopefully, these simple steps help you well on the way to crafting photo book.