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3 Tips for Photographing Kids with Pets

Documenting your children growing up can be extra special when you capture them with their furry friends. But working with kids and animals can be difficult — they don’t pose when you want them to, they can be emotional and getting them to sit still is a challenge. But there are ways to make photographing kids and animals less painful. Try these tips to help capture photos that you’ll cherish.

Tips for Photographing Kids with Pets

1. Get on the Ground

Photographing kids and animals is so much easier if you get on their level. Get low for a “dog’s eye view” of your pet. The best shots at ground level can use anything from a tripod to an angled viewfinder, so you’re not stuck craning your neck for a pet that’s already onto your game. You’d be surprised at the great, discreet shots you can get from getting down on the ground.

2. Take Loads of Photos

Assuming you intend to create Prints from these shots, you should take as many pictures as you like. Yes, you’ll need to spend hours picking through the duds, but that beats framing up each shot and losing the light before you get what you want. You’ll still need to think about your camera settings, angles and lighting, but you won’t need to panic if your subjects get cranky because you’re taking too long to set up a perfect photo.

3. Use Props

Children and animals do not work for free. Entice them with props to get their attention and their cooperation. A new toy can get siblings to play together long enough to capture them in the same frame. Animals (like some grown-ups) are more food-motivated, so pay that puppy in treats to stick around for your shot.

Follow these tips for photographing kids and animals, and you’re bound to get the perfect shot.

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Shanell Mouland

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Photo source: Flickr


5 Tips for Great School Pictures

We all have at least one terrible school photo hanging around our grandparents’ house (see photo of me below), with our hair sticking every which way, spilled lunch on our shirt and some hideous color combination we swore was in style at the time. Now that I’m on the mom side of the school picture scene, I feel compelled to make sure my guys are looking their very best — if only to save them future humiliation, because I’m going to keep those Prints around forever!

If you’re worrying about a fiasco on picture day, here are a few tips for helping your kids feel relaxed, look their best and perhaps even enjoy the experience.


1. Good Night, Sleep Tight

Making sure the kids have had a good night’s sleep is a big part of setting them up for photo day success. They won’t be feeling overtired as they wait for their turn with the photographer, no bags will be under the eyes and you won’t feel rushed trying to get a sleepyhead out of the house on time.

2. What to Wear?

Pick out an outfit the night before so you don’t have to dig through the laundry piles that morning. Hang up the outfit, and have your child change into it after breakfast. Opt for darker colors, graphic- and pattern-free fabrics and something that your child feels comfortable in. Kids don’t have to be overly fancy for picture day, but neat and tidy does the trick.

3. Pack a Particular Lunch

Consider a mess-free lunch for picture day to save yourself from the dreaded stained shirt snapshot. Braces? Forget about foods that might get stuck — or at least send along a toothbrush for a quick post-lunch brushing. Depending on what time of the school day the photo will be taken, you might be able to skip the lunch issue altogether, but better safe than sorry.

4. Avoid a Hair Scare

Send kids to school with a brush or comb and a little pocket mirror for pre-picture hair-taming. For girls, wearing hair down is preferable and you’ll avoid the bald look. If there’s time, try to schedule kids in for a hair trim a week or two before picture day so their locks will be at their best. Give it a good wash the night before and help them to style it in the morning.

5. Smile

There are photos from my childhood years where my smile looks nothing like me. You know, that awkward, forced grin that doesn’t look a thing like your child? No one wants that. On the big morning, chat with your kids about something funny they can think of when their photo is being taken. Maybe a joke that gets them laughing, a vacation memory they love or anything else that’ll bring out that genuine, gorgeous smile.

School Picture Tips

I hope these ideas help you on your way to a picture day masterpiece and one that you will add to the Photo Books. Now, say cheese!

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Amy Bellgardt

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Wake up with a friendly Cup of Joe

Many of us wake up and reach for a coffee mug each day only to find the same tired, old mug in the pantry. Why not add some personality to your morning routine with a custom photo mug? They’re a fun reminder of time spent with family and friends and an instant pick-me-up. Not to mention a unique gift for everyone in your life.

At Walgreens there are several options to choose from including a commuter mug, café mug, a latte mug, a travel mug or even a set of mugs for the home or office. Additionally, you can choose one single photo or you can make a collage mug that holds up to 15 images. Why not highlight fun family memories like your last family vacation or your son’s soccer game? It’s easy with Walgreens.

Another way to celebrate your family each day is to chronicle an important event like your baby’s first year or a special anniversary. That way you can take your favorite memories with you and remember the good times more often.

No matter what kind of mug you make, you will have several different sizes and styles to choose from at Walgreens. So, get started now and use your digital photos to recreate special moments that make any day happier.

Have you ordered a set of photo mugs for a gift or for yourself? What photos did you use?

What events would you chronicle on a collage photo mug?

What pictures would you use on a custom photo mug for the college student in your life?

Make A Photo Calendar

Need to stay organized, but tired of the same-old planner? Get creative with a photo calendar on Walgreens.com and relive your special memories all year long.

Available in both 12- and 18-month options and in three sizes – 8 ½ x 11, 11.5 x 14 and 12 x 12 – you can choose from desktop, designer and planning calendars or get a collage calendar that holds up to 15 images. Best of all, your calendar can start at any point in the year and you can pick it up the same day you create it. So, whether you’re customizing a calendar for yourself or giving a gift, you’ll find everything that you need to make organization fun.

What kind of calendar will you create? Here are some popular ideas:

Walgreens Photo Calendars

Birthday Calendar
Why just remember birthdays when you can create a custom photo calendar that displays pictures of your loved ones on their special day? Forget having to write every birthday down, now pictures can take the place of words, for a friendlier reminder.

Baby’s First Year
Can you believe twelve months have passed since your baby was born? Don’t let the memories fade. Get creative with your photos and make a calendar for the grandparents, Godparents and everyone in between.

Wedded Bliss
Where did the year go? Show your spouse that you loved every minute of being a newlywed with a custom photo calendar that highlights moments from your “Big Day” to every day.

Life Through The Looking Glass

I grew up with a camera in my hands. True story. Maybe that’s why I’ve always been such a photo enthusiast. Now, as director of Social Media at Walgreens, it serves me well.

For me, the love of photography is an ingrained family trait. In fact, my dad was a photographer who worked at Fuji for more than 2 decades. I have fond memories of him turning our bathroom into a darkroom at one point, much to my mom’s chagrin. We always had cameras around the house and now we still do. Except today mine is a Nikon D700 that’s usually aimed at my two children, John and Cora.

Though sharing photos of my kids through email, Facebook and my website is simple and fun, there’s just something about seeing your photos printed. Over the years I’ve had my memories turned into slides, prints, photo books, canvas pieces and more. Look, when you had kids, you just want to show them off, you know? Plus, I take comfort in knowing that when my photos are printed they won’t end up in someone’s spam or lost in a computer file. Instead they’ll be in a frame or a scrapbook. I don’t know, for me it just gives the memory more meaning and makes it feel lasting.

Walgreens Glass Prints

One of my favorite ways to display photos is through Glass Prints. What are Glass Prints, you may ask? They are unique glass frames that allow your photo to be suspended and almost look like it floats in air. They provide a clean, easy way to showcase photos and they make colors pop when sunlight shines through. The glass comes in a variety of sizes and finishes including curved, beveled and clean cut. I love them, but I also love to give them as gifts. People never expect the level of sophistication they posses until they see them first-hand.

I hope you enjoy our new photo blog Snaps and come back often to see what topics, tips and tricks of the trade we cover. They’ll always be something new to explore and a conversation to be had.

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