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Photo Mug Office Contest

Hello readers!

Today, I’d like to entertain you with a story about one of our fun follies here at Photo by Walgreens.

We fancy our products. The photo mug is one of our faves. And we love coffee. But, mornings are tough – even if we do like where we go to work every day. So, I had a magnificent idea: We should have a contest to see who could design the finest photo mug!

First step: Choose the mug you most desire, from the classic to magic, café to latte and more.

Step two: Find the most adorable, exciting or vibrant picture/pictures to put on your mug! Obviously, I am featuring my delightful beasts: Clancy and Papoo.

Next up: Create your mug on Photo By Walgreens.

Snap Snap: Take a picture with your mug!


After looking at every team member’s creation, we voted and believe the above three mugs to be the swankiest.

Congratulations Nick, Erika and Aisha! You win the prize! (Of being the best.)

Can you create a mug as sweet as these? Maybe you can have a Photo Mug Contest in your office and increase engagement, morale and creativity amongst your coworkers?

  • For example, we’ve got the Latte Mug, for the hardcore coffee lover.
  • We also have a Frosted Stein for cold beverages on those hot summer days.
  • Collage Mugs are also a great way to feature a selection of photos while you sip down that morning cup o’joe.

Feel free to post your pic and share with us! Have a fabulous day, and thanks for reading.

-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Wake up with a friendly Cup of Joe

Many of us wake up and reach for a coffee mug each day only to find the same tired, old mug in the pantry. Why not add some personality to your morning routine with a custom photo mug? They’re a fun reminder of time spent with family and friends and an instant pick-me-up. Not to mention a unique gift for everyone in your life.

At Walgreens there are several options to choose from including a commuter mug, café mug, a latte mug, a travel mug or even a set of mugs for the home or office. Additionally, you can choose one single photo or you can make a collage mug that holds up to 15 images. Why not highlight fun family memories like your last family vacation or your son’s soccer game? It’s easy with Walgreens.

Another way to celebrate your family each day is to chronicle an important event like your baby’s first year or a special anniversary. That way you can take your favorite memories with you and remember the good times more often.

No matter what kind of mug you make, you will have several different sizes and styles to choose from at Walgreens. So, get started now and use your digital photos to recreate special moments that make any day happier.

Have you ordered a set of photo mugs for a gift or for yourself? What photos did you use?

What events would you chronicle on a collage photo mug?

What pictures would you use on a custom photo mug for the college student in your life?