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Rainy Day Photography


Hello Springlings!

Spring is here, but have no fear. It may be the rainy season, but it’s also prime time for alluring picture-taking. Next time you hear the pitter-patter on your roof, do the unthinkable: go outside and embrace it!

Get in your car or saunter beneath your colorful umbrella and start snapping pics of the beauteous drops falling from the dark, dreary clouds against the luminous city lights (or barren suburban streets, or luscious green landscape – wherever you may be).


Once you have a camera full of unique snapshots, there’s so much you can do!

  • Put them into a rainy day photography photobook you’ll have forever.
  • Choose your favorite few and put them in glass prints, sure to make them stand out in your home, on your mantle, on your nightstand – anywhere!
  • If you can narrow your favorites down to 12, you can make a personalized photo calendar for your home or office.
  • You can even turn your favorite few into a poster set to give as a gift to a family member or friend who you know will appreciate it.

Need some inspiration?
Check out this wondrous compilation I came across on onextrapixel.com while researching. There are 80 enchanting hand-picked photos of rain photography.

Pretty sweet, eh?


Happy Photographing! Get crafty and embrace the creative YOU.


-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Instagram: My Obsession

Instagram is a ridiculously fun, free iPhone app that’s growing in users and reputation at an amazing rate. You simply take a picture, select a filter (if any), and then upload it to any number of social networking sites. It’s trendy, cool, and most importantly, really easy to get the hang of.

Instagram’s filters are by far the most addictive part of Instagram – they give your photos a sense of nostalgia like you would see in a Polaroid. For example, one new option is the “live filter.” It lets you see the change in the image before you shoot. You can also give your photos different colored hues, dirty them up, use filters that give you unusual saturation and lighting combos… anything you fancy. Also, Instagrams are presented as 4:4 instead of 4:3 aspect ratio, so your shots get a retro feel that’s unique.

Wanna show off those shots? Walgreens makes an 8×8 Custom Cover Photo Book that fits your photos perfectly. I’ve found that organizing my Instagrams by category is a really fun way to show things that are interesting to me. For example, I’ve organized my shots (as seen above) by categories such as:

  • Food
  • Accessories
  • Buildings
  • Dogs

Walgreens also features a 4×6 Brag Book that’s easily collectible and meant to be passed out…why not make something trendy that your friends will get a kick out of? You could even have an “Instagram Party” where the attendees all bring an Instagram Brag Book, and then everyone trades! (like a gift swap)

By far, the biggest advantage to Instagram is that it gives you another level of social connection to people with similar interests. You’re not just showing off random pictures- you’re trading spontaneous art. It’ll change the way you take pictures forever!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Making Photo Books!

I hope your holidays were amazing and fun filled. No doubt, 2011 was an incredible year. I’d have to say that my favorite memory was my trip to Peru- the camera was out the entire time. Of course, that leaves one question…

What did I do with all the pictures?

Simple answer: I made a photo book! Of course this seems like a momentous task…but it’s really easy. This is how I tackled it.

I uploaded my camera and phone pics to http://photo.walgreens.com. The new and improved site makes it really simple to upload, tag and organize. You can also always bring your camera into the store and upload them at the photo kiosk if you’re not sure and need some extra help.

Then, I organized all of my pics based on who is in them, where they were shot, etc. Just remember- “Who, what, where and when.”

Now it’s time for the fun part- fitting all of those memories into a photo book. I love the Custom Cover photo book option – it allows me to feature the best shot of the vacation up front. Walgreens also has hundreds of themes and page layouts to further personalize your photo book. You can also turn your pics into a brag book to give to your friends- they’ll appreciate that MUCH more than seeing a Facebook album!

Hopefully, these simple steps help you well on the way to crafting photo book.


A customized photo book for every season

Celebrate every occasion with a photo book that captures all of the fun. Custom photo books allow you to put a special touch on memories and organize them artfully at the same time. You can select a common theme or event or even group your photos by season or holiday. One relevant theme this time of year is the upcoming winter holiday season. Why not display family photos during your celebrations or give a photo book as a gift? There are so many moments to share–a child opening their first present, kids at a school play or a church choral concert. How about everyone decorating the tree or just peaceful, snow-filled landscapes?

Want thoughts of warmer times ahead? Thumb through your summer photos and make a story book that celebrates everything bright and sunny. You could re-live a summer vacation, a friend’s barbecue or an outdoor festival. For the kids in your life, you could include photos of lemonade stands, camp and time at the pool.

Fall and spring both lend themselves well to great signature books. There are always fun back-to-school photos, pics of Labor Day activities and fun Halloween costumes. Flowers beginning to bloom, Easter celebrations and more make Spring photo-worthy. So gather your shots and start customizing your photo book.

Got something to brag about? Make a brag book and highlight all of the fun things you’ve done for a particular event like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc… Have a new baby at home? Show off your bundle of joy with a book dedicated to all of his or her firsts. Been on the trip of a lifetime? Share your adventures with a brag book that will make everyone jealous.

No matter what kind of custom photo book you make, you will create a keepsake that lasts forever.

What are the big holidays in your family that could fill one or more custom photo albums?

What is your favorite season and what would you photograph to document it in a photo book?

Do you have a unique photo book that you are proud of? Tell us about it!