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Merry in a Snap: Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

Ho … ho … oh, no! Did you forget to pick out a holiday gift for a very important person on your list? No worries. You can still create a meaningful, memorable keepsake he or she will treasure forever. Read on for a mini gift guide featuring Same Day Pickup Photo Gifts you can create and pick up today. From family history buffs to art lovers, we’ve got everyone covered.

For the Family Historian

A Photo Book with a year-in-review or family history design template is a perfect gift for the genealogy buff in your brood. Gather the year’s best pics or the family’s most beloved old photos, and create a book that maps out the memories.sand_1

For the Timekeeper

Shopping for an organized friend or family member who loves to plan? A personalized Photo Calendar is a practical present he or she will use the whole year through. Select favorite photos for every month, and customize important dates like anniversaries and birthdays. Thoughtful details like these will ensure your recipient starts each day with a smile.


For the Artist

A gallery-wrapped Canvas Print makes an eye-pleasing present for the art lover on your list. Go big on one snapshot or arrange a collage of photos. Up the ante even further and create a series of coordinating Canvas Prints so your recipient can hang a gallery wall that’s sure to complement an enviable art collection.


For the Kids

If you need a quick gift for the little ones, create a Designer Poster featuring a colorful design template, like a growth chart they can use to track how tall they’re getting. For the older kids, a calendar design or a family photo collage will be a picture-perfect addition to a bedroom or dorm room.


Phew! Now that your gifting crisis is solved, put on some holiday tunes, kick up your feet and enjoy the best things this season brings — family, friends and lots of yummy cookies. :)

Share Life’s Happy,


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Parents – it’s graduation time! (That means senior portraits!)


Walgreens has reached out to a professional photographer, Chris Padgett, who is going to give you a few tips and tricks just in case you feel like taking your own senior portraits. Chris is an award-winning professional photographer who is a part-owner of First Blush Photos, a photo service that specializes in senior photos and wedding photography.


What themes do you focus on?

Usually when we talk to the seniors, we have to find out what they’re excited about. We like to know what sports they’re playing; what their hobbies and interests are; even what genre of music they listen to. We like to get a feel for them as people and we go off of that.


How does music inspire the process?

Let’s say they like country or bluegrass music … we might want to have a more rustic or natural of a setting, with antique chairs, things like that. You always need a good chair or a couch, as that adds an element so the photo almost looks like a CD cover. If they have musical instruments they play in band, we try to capture that as well. If they like hip hop, we may want to take them to a more urban setting.


Overall, what should the parent/photographer focus on?

  • What their hobbies may be.
  • Try to represent them for who they are in high school.
  • It can even be them with a couple of their best friends!
  • Take a more traditional safe close-up shot with them being beautiful or handsome and smiling.

When is the best time to take photos?

When you’re taking the photos, it would be better to take them in the evening. In the evening the light is very even. We call it ‘The Magic Hour’ right when the sun is setting in the evening because the light is so even and it’s very flattering, it can cast a golden warm color on the subject.


Are there different poses they should try?

Usually we try to strike a balance between interesting ideas that we want to try out and more basic shots to try to get our subject to feel comfortable. We try to get a variety of poses between scene shots that are further away and close-ups of their faces.

When you’re done taking your senior portraits, why not take your photos one step further and turn them into a calendar, canvas, glass print, or a poster? Click here to upload them to your Photo by Walgreens profile!


Good luck!


-Marina, designer at Walgreens

Ooh la la…Valentine’s Day !


My favorite holiday of the year! I love everything about it… what can I say, I’m a sucker for romance. As you probably know, one of the biggest traditions that many people have every year is to give Valentine’s Day cards. But I must confess… I have a bad habit of always forgetting to grab a card ahead of time. Maybe I just get too swept up in all the love in the air to remember?

Fortunately, my problem was solved this year when I used the Same Day Pickup service at Walgreens to personalize a card and pick it up in about an hour. All you have to do is choose a photo from your online Walgreens Photo account (a personal touch they’ll love), pick a template (plenty to choose from), create a message on the inside and outside of the card, and then select a store near you for pickup! Even better, Folded Cards are on sale this week for 99¢ (use coupon code LOVE99 at checkout), AND they come with an envelope. What more could you ask for?

I also like to give a small gift with my card. They’re only 99¢ so why not? Traditional pairings always work great- roses, chocolates, or a nice wine.

What are some other ideas for Valentine’s Day gift pairings that you’ve given and they’ve loved?

I hope you enjoy my favorite holiday. And if you’re a procrastinator too…hopefully you’ll like your last minute Folded Card even more! : )


Marina, Walgreens designer

Instagram: My Obsession

Instagram is a ridiculously fun, free iPhone app that’s growing in users and reputation at an amazing rate. You simply take a picture, select a filter (if any), and then upload it to any number of social networking sites. It’s trendy, cool, and most importantly, really easy to get the hang of.

Instagram’s filters are by far the most addictive part of Instagram – they give your photos a sense of nostalgia like you would see in a Polaroid. For example, one new option is the “live filter.” It lets you see the change in the image before you shoot. You can also give your photos different colored hues, dirty them up, use filters that give you unusual saturation and lighting combos… anything you fancy. Also, Instagrams are presented as 4:4 instead of 4:3 aspect ratio, so your shots get a retro feel that’s unique.

Wanna show off those shots? Walgreens makes an 8×8 Custom Cover Photo Book that fits your photos perfectly. I’ve found that organizing my Instagrams by category is a really fun way to show things that are interesting to me. For example, I’ve organized my shots (as seen above) by categories such as:

  • Food
  • Accessories
  • Buildings
  • Dogs

Walgreens also features a 4×6 Brag Book that’s easily collectible and meant to be passed out…why not make something trendy that your friends will get a kick out of? You could even have an “Instagram Party” where the attendees all bring an Instagram Brag Book, and then everyone trades! (like a gift swap)

By far, the biggest advantage to Instagram is that it gives you another level of social connection to people with similar interests. You’re not just showing off random pictures- you’re trading spontaneous art. It’ll change the way you take pictures forever!

-Marina, designer at Walgreens

How to win their heart (with Walgreens Photo products)


Hello lovebirds! My name is Nick, and I’m your guest blogger/tour guide this week.

Let me share with you a few of my tips and tricks for how to win your main squeeze’s heart through Walgreens Photo Products. Trust me… it’s simple, fun and they’ll be swooning in no time. Let’s start by looking at a few Photo products that tactfully show them that you care.

Cupid’s crafty Photo Canvases

An inspired choice. It’s something they won’t expect- different than, “I put a picture in a frame and wrapped it up.” Photo Canvases are great for Valentine’s Day because you can take one of the assuredly adorable pics of the two of you. You’ll also make something crafty that they’ll want to hang in their apartment so everyone can see it. For instance…got any photos of the two of you at the beach making silly faces? Perfect. It’ll brighten their day every time they see it, and it’s thinking outside the box.

Hotter than ever Photo Mugs

Are they a coffee drinker? Fan of hot tea? Loves what piercing eyes you have in pictures?
If any of the above hold true, you’re in luck. Photo Mugs are a great gift for your partner if they want to see you wherever they take it. Plus, you can always ask them, “So, which is hotter, the coffee or me? Eh? Come on…” and then hold up the mug and point at your face. That’s guaranteed to work at least 30 percent of the time. Regardless, they’re bound to love it every morning.

Photo Cards for sweetie pies

Classic. This is a nice little addition to whatever else you may have planned. You can select your own photo to place on the front of the card, and even better, many of the cards are available for Same Day Pickup, so if you happen to be the kind of person that waits until the last minute to get cards for Valentine’s Day (yes, I’m talking about myself) you’re in luck. They’ll love that you took the time to make your own Photo Card, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you didn’t just choose a generic card like your friends did.

Do something special for your loved one this year. I promise they’ll love it, and you get to give them something that shows that you put some thought into it. It’s thoughtful, easy and romantic. Happy Valentine’s Day!


-Nick Daniel

Copywriter at Walgreens

A customized photo book for every season

Celebrate every occasion with a photo book that captures all of the fun. Custom photo books allow you to put a special touch on memories and organize them artfully at the same time. You can select a common theme or event or even group your photos by season or holiday. One relevant theme this time of year is the upcoming winter holiday season. Why not display family photos during your celebrations or give a photo book as a gift? There are so many moments to share–a child opening their first present, kids at a school play or a church choral concert. How about everyone decorating the tree or just peaceful, snow-filled landscapes?

Want thoughts of warmer times ahead? Thumb through your summer photos and make a story book that celebrates everything bright and sunny. You could re-live a summer vacation, a friend’s barbecue or an outdoor festival. For the kids in your life, you could include photos of lemonade stands, camp and time at the pool.

Fall and spring both lend themselves well to great signature books. There are always fun back-to-school photos, pics of Labor Day activities and fun Halloween costumes. Flowers beginning to bloom, Easter celebrations and more make Spring photo-worthy. So gather your shots and start customizing your photo book.

Got something to brag about? Make a brag book and highlight all of the fun things you’ve done for a particular event like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc… Have a new baby at home? Show off your bundle of joy with a book dedicated to all of his or her firsts. Been on the trip of a lifetime? Share your adventures with a brag book that will make everyone jealous.

No matter what kind of custom photo book you make, you will create a keepsake that lasts forever.

What are the big holidays in your family that could fill one or more custom photo albums?

What is your favorite season and what would you photograph to document it in a photo book?

Do you have a unique photo book that you are proud of? Tell us about it!

Wake up with a friendly Cup of Joe

Many of us wake up and reach for a coffee mug each day only to find the same tired, old mug in the pantry. Why not add some personality to your morning routine with a custom photo mug? They’re a fun reminder of time spent with family and friends and an instant pick-me-up. Not to mention a unique gift for everyone in your life.

At Walgreens there are several options to choose from including a commuter mug, café mug, a latte mug, a travel mug or even a set of mugs for the home or office. Additionally, you can choose one single photo or you can make a collage mug that holds up to 15 images. Why not highlight fun family memories like your last family vacation or your son’s soccer game? It’s easy with Walgreens.

Another way to celebrate your family each day is to chronicle an important event like your baby’s first year or a special anniversary. That way you can take your favorite memories with you and remember the good times more often.

No matter what kind of mug you make, you will have several different sizes and styles to choose from at Walgreens. So, get started now and use your digital photos to recreate special moments that make any day happier.

Have you ordered a set of photo mugs for a gift or for yourself? What photos did you use?

What events would you chronicle on a collage photo mug?

What pictures would you use on a custom photo mug for the college student in your life?

Make A Photo Calendar

Need to stay organized, but tired of the same-old planner? Get creative with a photo calendar on Walgreens.com and relive your special memories all year long.

Available in both 12- and 18-month options and in three sizes – 8 ½ x 11, 11.5 x 14 and 12 x 12 – you can choose from desktop, designer and planning calendars or get a collage calendar that holds up to 15 images. Best of all, your calendar can start at any point in the year and you can pick it up the same day you create it. So, whether you’re customizing a calendar for yourself or giving a gift, you’ll find everything that you need to make organization fun.

What kind of calendar will you create? Here are some popular ideas:

Walgreens Photo Calendars

Birthday Calendar
Why just remember birthdays when you can create a custom photo calendar that displays pictures of your loved ones on their special day? Forget having to write every birthday down, now pictures can take the place of words, for a friendlier reminder.

Baby’s First Year
Can you believe twelve months have passed since your baby was born? Don’t let the memories fade. Get creative with your photos and make a calendar for the grandparents, Godparents and everyone in between.

Wedded Bliss
Where did the year go? Show your spouse that you loved every minute of being a newlywed with a custom photo calendar that highlights moments from your “Big Day” to every day.