Thanks for the Thank You Cards!

Hi everyone!

I’m Candace and I’ll be your guest blogger this week. So excited!

A few months ago, my fiancé Mark and I tied the knot. In Mexico! Everything went off without a hitch – the venue was gorgeous, the flowers were perfect, the food was to die for, the ceremony was unforgettable. Was it totally stress-free? Nope. Nope nope nope hahaha. But it was everything we had dreamed of.

We kept it small with just 35 of our closest family members and friends. A few weeks later, after we had unpacked everything, found a home for all the gifts (well, some of them, not everyone has room for 3 George Foreman grills) unwound, and, wait a minute…


What’s a newlywed couple to do?!? Write them by hand? No way. Neither one of us can draw more than stick figures. Tweet our thanks to everyone and say that it’s the “new thing?” Eh, that wouldn’t work either. Wait a minute…I have an idea! I went to the Photo by Walgreens website and saw that they had premium Stationery Cards that allow you to choose from a beautiful design and customize it with your own photos on the front and back. Check out the ones we made!

Pretty amazing, right? It was the perfect cap to the best month ever!

Thanks, Walgreens!

Candace, guest blogger


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